Where we focus

At Advance Afrika, We work with vulnerable youth, including but not limited to prison inmates and ex-inmates whom we assist by supporting them with knowledge and skills to seek work, develop decent enterprises and/or expand their already existing businesses. At the same time, we promote relationships between citizens and authorities in order to improve reciprocal understanding and trust.

Transforming Vulnerable Individuals & Communities

The organisation runs specific programmes on rehabilitation and reintegration of prison inmates, victim- offender relationships ...

Business and Job Creation

Advance Afrika set itself a goal of transforming society through the creation and support of successful business ventures that will provide opportunities for income generation and employment.

Advocacy and Communication for Changed Systems, Policies and Mindsets

Critical to effectiveness in other areas is our capacity to influence the enabling environment.

Growth of Advance Afrika

Advance Afrika’s unique focus on appreciation and affirmation is a powerful antidote to the poverty mindset that we are seeking to overcome.