Transforming Vulnerable Individuals & Communities

The organisation runs specific programmes on rehabilitation and reintegration of prison inmates, victim- offender relationships and upholding the dignity of women and children. These are closely linked with research and advocacy as they include the specific reintegration and rehabilitation needs of female (ex-)prison inmates (including, but not limited to needs for psycho-social support as well as addressing issues of domestic and gender-based violence). Equally the specific needs and situation of young men are taken into consideration. Men and women are trained separately (due to prisons protocol and structures). This also allows to adjust the support according to the specific needs, capacities and background of each group. In the selection process, it is envisioned that women benefit from projects just as men (yet the male prison population is much larger, than the number of women in prison).

Our focus on the transformation of the most vulnerable will remain at our heart. In particular, by identifying who & where they are, and proactively identifying and addressing the root cause

issues to bring about positive change. Inmates & ex-inmates remain a key target group for us, as are vulnerable youth in communities; but we will also be proactive in identifying and working with others.

Community Engagement for Transformation and Peace Building

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Rehabilitation, Reformation and Reintegration of Offenders

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