International Volunteers Program (IVP)

Advance Afrika runs the International Volunteers Programme where young people around the world join the Advance Afrika team not only to contribute to the work of the organisation but also use this opportunity to learn from the different communities in Uganda. The overall goal of the International Volunteers Program is to create opportunities for young people around the world to learn and share their experiences and expertise while contributing to the development of social enterprises of ex-prisoners in Uganda.

Volunteering with us gives you access to a wide variety of experiences from Ugandan communities where you will engage with ex-prisoners who have resettled back into their communities and are contributing to society through social enterprises.

  • Achieve personal satisfaction by helping others (especially Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners) reintegrate back into the community
  • Spend your leisure time constructively
  • Develop a new relationship with an Advance Afrika family and make new friends
  • Learn new things while working as part of a team
  • Gain self-confidence as you can make a difference by working for a cause and giving hope to the youthful prisoners and ex-prisoners as they begin their new journey back home.
  • Develop various life skills and widen your horizons
  • And have fun with us!

You will support the work of rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners by participating in entrepreneurship and life skills’ training of prison inmates; reviewing their business plans and help the ex-prison inmates scale up and improve their small businesses. You will be part of the dynamic young team of Advance Afrika, volunteers, mentors and inspirators who are passionate about the work we do. By the end of your volunteer period, you will have learnt and contributed to social transformation of vulnerable young men and women in Uganda.

Why volunteer with Advance Afrika

Your involvement, motivation, high-quality works and commitment will enable Advance Afrika to reach out to many young people to make a difference. Moreover, volunteers do provide high-quality work that positively influences the organisation and its beneficiaries. Your participation in this program will significantly compliment the work of our organisation and enrich the efforts to do more and realising real results that are tangible and measurable.

The more people involved in our activities, the larger the Advance Afrika’s sphere of influence. Get a chance to share your skills and teach others what you are best at.

Who qualifies as a volunteer?

  1. Student: This includes college students above 18years and university students undertaking a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Graduates: Already possessing a university degree, and pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D.
  3. Young Professionals: Completed with your university degree i.e. bachelors, masters and Ph.D. and building a career.

Join the Advance Afrika team to have a professional experience in a developing country, use your skills and knowledge in a different and more challenging cultural environment, and develop new skills.

Areas of Volunteering


This involves the training of prison inmates, community outreach, reintegration of the ex-inmates, research and documentation, agri-business, and media production.

Organisation Administration.

This includes accounts and finance, human resource management, information technology, photography and videography.

Monitoring and evaluation

Advance Afrika serves society through implementation of different projects; the success of the projects is our success. Volunteers participate in establishing the monitoring and evaluation tools and guidelines.

How to join as a volunteer

Volunteers will be recruited using an equal opportunities approach and using a variety of different methods to make the broadest possible range of people aware of the volunteering opportunities offered by our organization.
Interested persons will be required to fill in the online form provided below and attach a copy of their curriculum vitae.


Please note, we do not charge any fees for this program. The Advance Afrika volunteer programme is FREE

Our organisation will only cover office/work based expenses incurred by volunteers during their work. The volunteers will be responsible for their travels to and from Uganda, local travel costs, meals and accommodation (Advance Afrika will help volunteers find affordable, safe and accessible places for accommodation.)

Duration of stay

The programme is task oriented within a stipulated period of 1 to 6 months and might be renewable as need arises.


On completion of the volunteer program, a certificate of merit is awarded for exceptional work.

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