Our Story

Advance Afrika was founded on the premise that it is critical to elevate people’s desire and aspirations to take responsibility for advancing their rights. All our work aims to contribute to a society that upholds the dignity of every person.

We believe equality, equity and social justice are fundamental to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable and marginalized people.

We have built experience in leadership and entrepreneurship, innovative approaches to youth participation, thus creating opportunities for alternative sources of livelihood, and entrepreneurship development, in order to contribute to social justice in Uganda.

We believe

that when young people’s voices are heard and they are welcomed as partners, positive social justice based on innovative and transformative action is possible.

We seek

innovation and creativity and we work with a spirit of inquiry, curiosity and discovery.

We use

technology to facilitate efficiency and outreach.

We engage

through the strength-based and participatory methodology of Appreciative Inquiry in programme development and implementation.

We seek

to inspire and inform citizens to enable them to lead positive social change and to let their voices be heard and their opinions guide the public agenda.

We deliberately

intervene to raise the voices of people who have been marginalised and victimised.

We seek

to stimulate debate and dialogue at all levels of society and to exert pressure on authorities to provide a policy and legislative environment which is inclusive and respectful.

We have built an organisation that aligns its work with the core values of the organisation.

The value of dignity is fundamental to our core business as it looks at every human being as equal and as enjoying fundamental human rights. We have built an organisational culture that is based on trust among all the staff, the board and the stakeholders, and that taps into each and every individual’s passion.

We have been innovative in our work; for example, our work with inmates is viewed by our stakeholders as innovative, considering the fact that we have tapped into an area that has been forgotten by most civil society actors.

Our Management

Advance Afrika is managed by a leadership team with expertise in governance, social accountability, entrepreneurship, research, advocacy, and organisational development. Our Board of Directors provides expertise thematically and geographically. We are a learning organisation driven by our passion for positive social change and transformation of people’s lives.

Legal Status

Advance Afrika was incorporated in 2012 as a not-for-profit entity with Reg. No. 146296 and later registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation Reg in 2016 as well as validated by the National NGO Bureau in 2019 as an indigenous organisation.

Advance Afrika has its head office on Plot 4258, Sunday Close, Mulawa, Kiira Municipality, Wakiso District and other project offices on Plot 29, Acholi Road, Pece Housing Estate, Gulu District; KKT Center, Plot 16-22 Duka road, Arua District and Ibanda Town Council-Main Street, Kagongo division, Ibanda municipality-Ibanda district.