Business and Job Creation

Advance Afrika set itself a goal of transforming society through the creation and support of successful business ventures that will provide opportunities for income generation and employment. The empowerment of vulnerable youth to become successful entrepreneurs takes into account different aspirations, opportunities and societal roles of men and women. Projects engage either young prison inmates (see Transforming Vulnerable Individuals and Communities) or self-formed groups of young men and women in the communities. Trainings have been blended with mentorship / coaching programs which, critically, have had the double-purpose of engaging community members with vulnerable individuals. We recognise that a major root cause of vulnerability to both poverty and criminality is absence of employment, especially for youth.

Advance Afrika is supporting small business ventures at prison stations, such as saloons at Gulu Women Prison and Arua Women Prison. Advance Afrika is also establishing a Music Academy with musical trainings in modern band instruments which shall benefit ex-prison inmates and be self-sustaining through attracting other individuals in position to pay for the trainings provided. The organisation is currently establishing a moringa farm as a social enterprise aimed at enhancing income and creating job opportunities as well as alleviating food insecurity and ensuring a healthy diet by promoting the consumption, production, and sales of Moringa, one of the most versatile plants with high nutritional value.

Creation of Employment Opportunities

As an organization, we have a track record of transformation of vulnerable youth through a range of highly effective interventions....

Skill Building Vulnerable Individuals to Support Workplace Success

Advance Afrika has a track record of supporting young people in job creation through entrepreneurship training and mentoring....