From a saving group to a shop owner

Leonida Tumwebaze has joined a saving group organised by Advance Afrika, and acquired new skills. She was able to get a loan and invest her money in a business which improved her standard of living.

Saving is crucial for everybody, regardless of income, level of education or age. It gives financial security and opens new opportunities in earnings. Advance Afrika has trained many beneficiaires in various projects in how to establish a saving group and gain from saved capital. Mrs. Leonida Tumwebaze has joined such a group. She is 48 years old, married for 15 years with 4 children, and lives in Mabona parish, Rukiri Sub County in Ibanda district.

I had never run any business to support my family because my husband has always told me that he does not have money to start one“, tells Mrs. Leonida. One day Leonida was approached by Kemigisha Rosette who happens to be the group mentor and told her about an organization called Advance Afrika that is operating in Rukiri Sub County. Advance Afrika organized trainings in aspects of VSLA Village Saving and Loan Associations to strengthen such informal groups in the sub county.

Leonida picked interest and joined the group “Mabona Bakyala Twebiseho Group” which has been trained and equipped through mentorship. She started saving and already a few month later, she acquired a loan worth 300,000 shillings. “My husband and I decided to use this money to set up grocery shop in the trading center. I used 200,000 shillings to buy vegetables, fruits, and silver fish to start with and the rest of the money was used to pay rent and make some furniture,“ tells Mrs.Leonida about her decision.

She was able to pay back the loan with its interest very well from the sales she got from the produce. Today, she wishes to extend her appreciation to Advance Afrika for the support extended to her family. Her financial condition have extremely improved on the standards of living where she is able to earn daily from her family business. Now she can support her family with the basic needs. As long as the condition allows her, she is continuing with saving for their future prospects.

Protecting the dignity of women and children is a three-year action implemented by Advance Afrika with support from European Union. It focuses on addressing violence against women and children (VAW/C) in Buhweju and Ibanda districts,

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