Launching the Arua Daycare Center


The daycare center at Arua women prison was launched in April,2020 during the closing ceremony for the project, Empowering Local Communities to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children in West Nile. This event was presided over by Ms Elizabeth Nanfuka the Commissioner Social Rehabilitation and Reintegration .The facility was repainted, refurnished, decorated, designed and equipped with toys and learning materials suitable for children, some of the items procured included flashcards, charts, child seats, tables, bookshelf, utensils, mattresses and bed sheets, and toiletries (toilet paper and soap).


The developments at the Daycare center aid in creating a healthy, stimulating environment for the children to play and learn like other children as their mothers also participate and focus on other rehabilitative activities while keeping their children close to them. The OC Arua women’s prison was assigned the custodian of the facility. Other senior officials from the UPS headquarters that officiated at the handover ceremony of the Day center from Advance Afrika to UPS included Ms Lydia Ssesanga, the Principal Welfare and Rehabilitation Officer, who is the focal point person on issues of women and children in prison. In addition, the RPC, DPC, OCs of the respective prison unit and the prison journalist, Mr Patrick Lukooya. Other partners in attendance included the District Senior Probation Officer (DSPO), Partners for Community Transformation (PICOT), the Aga Khan Foundation, UNHCR and media.



DCC at Arua women’s prison

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