Jamila Kamphuis
Research Student
She is currently a student in her 4th year pursuing a Bachelor in International Development Management at Van Hall Larenstein in Velp, the Netherlands. She completed courses in Project Management, Organizational Development, Applied Research, Participation in Empowerment and Advocacy, Innovation for Development, Personal Leadership, and Social Cultural Work. Through her work experience, she had gained knowledge about various methods and tools used to analyse livelihoods with a focus on marginalized and vulnerable groups through specialization in Rural development and innovation. She is strongly passionate about solidarity, connecting people, building bridges instead of walls, and the dignity of people. She draws her inspiration from the African Philosophy Ubuntu. She has previously worked with vulnerable groups for example at a youth center in the Netherlands as an intern at the Salvation Army for 2 years, in Ghana at a primary school for deaf children in 2016, and in 2018, She joined a street children project in Kenya as a volunteer, brainstorming and implementing activities, giving psychosocial support, homework support, teaching life skills, and setting up team building activities. She also had the opportunity to join a local NGO in India aiming at improving the lives of vulnerable groups with the implementation of various projects including microfinance, education, health, and housing. She worked at the Microfinance and Livelihoods department and at the Ubuntu house which is a gathering place for undocumented migrants and homeless people where they can obtain the necessities and where various projects are implemented.