Carla Lisa Heimann
Civil Peace Service Worker
Carla is a Civil Senior Peace Advisor with experience in impact-oriented planning, systematic conflict analysis and monitoring, case management and coordination as well as knowledge management on projects worldwide which she intends to use in areas of non-violent conflict management at the organization. She is a qualified mediator and arbitrator and holds a Teaching Diploma form Middlesex University. Carla has worked in different countries such as India (New Delhi), Lebanon (Beirut), and UK (London) on a voluntary and professional basis. She is German national with a legal background and has obtained vast experience in areas of Investigation and Dispute Resolution, Legal aid and support in Contract Assessment & Management, Claims management: Strategy and construction of claims as well as Women's rights & children's right to education. Ms. Carla holds a Masters of Laws in International and in Commercial Dispute Resolution Law (LLM) from the University of Westminster (UK), focusing on negotiation, arbitration, mediation and peaceful dispute settlement, and Bachelor of Laws in European Law School (LLB) from the University of Maastricht, Faculty of Law.