As a country, our number one challenge is youth unemployment. We aim to promote and support youths to establish and grow small social enterprises in order to create jobs for themselves and for other youth in the community. The support is geared towards skills development as well as linkages to markets.

In partnership with International Labour Organisation (ILO), we supported 44 youth-led grantees organisations in 11 Districts across the country to effectively implement their projects and ensure sustainability of the Y2YF model. The Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Fund which is a major component of the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility is a competitive grant scheme to identify and support youth-led entrepreneurship development project as a means to create decent employment for youth was implemented by International Labour Organisation and funded by the European Union to address the high youth unemployment in Uganda by identifying, supporting and promoting innovative, small-scale projects on youth entrepreneurship, conceptualized, submitted and implemented by youth-led organizations. It gives youth an opportunity to contribute to youth employment as active development partners rather than just beneficiaries.

We also give startup kits to trained ex-prison inmates and offer them mentorship support to enable them succeed and consolidate their businesses.


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