Advance Afrika starts new intervention to address the plight of women in prison.

Female prison inmates continue to face double vulnerability; first as women and mothers given how society perceives and treats them and secondly as youths who are excluded and so cannot have equitable access to economic and social opportunities. It is for this among others that women have fallen victims to acts of crime especially “crimes of passion” like murder, manslaughter and assault either in self-defense or as an act to fight back unfairness.


The Socio-economic Empowerment of Female Inmates in West Nile (SEFI) is a one year pilot project launched in Arua on 26th April, 2016 and shall be implemented in partnership with Uganda Prisons Service with support from Caritas Switzerland and TechnoServe. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to economic development and prevention of re-offending through economic opportunities for sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable female prison inmates.


The intervention will equip inmates with entrepreneurship and life skills and assist them in generating their own income. It will also involve training of selected prison social workers as trainers who will train female inmates, establishment of in prison demonstration projects for example saloons, establishment of a day care centre for children of inmates and community awareness through radio on the need to accept ex-inmates back into society. The intervention will enable the prison inmates to become more productive individuals after serving their sentence. They will be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge acquired practically as well as improve on their physiological capital. The Day Care Services will contribute to the wellbeing and education of children who are with their mothers in prison as well as build the mothers competences in child care.