In order to influence decision makers to uphold the dignity of youth and create policies that are sensitive and inclusive, we conduct advocacy that is informed by research. The current advocacy efforts are in line with skills development for young people, inclusion of vulnerable youth in government poverty reduction programs, and the rights of victims of crime.

We have carried out several research studies to enable us come up with interventions to help in the reintegration process of ex-inmates; youth empowerment and institutional development.

  1. Victim-Offender Relationships study
  2. Assessment of the environment of small business ventures in northern Uganda
  3. A qualitative study: challenges faced during reintegration of youth ex-inmates
  4. Opportunities for Sustainable Food Production Survey in Karamoja and Lango sub-regions
  5. Community Receptiveness Survey of Ex-inmates

We constantly engage with the media and communities in person, online and at our forums to sensitize them, but also get their views on how best we can work with them.

We continually search for persons and organizations with the potential to complement our research, documentation and advocacy efforts and we partner with them.


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