We prioritise the efforts of the socio-economic reintegration of youth ex-prison inmates programmes.

We work with the Uganda Prisons Service and Center for Legal Assistance in Malawi in the rehabilitation, reformation and reintegration of prison inmates into their communities. Through our socio-economic reintegration programme, we train social workers in entrepreneurship skills development as trainers who then train the inmates and facilitate the development of business ideas and plans among them. We then support the developed business ideas and plans with start-up financing either when the inmates are still in prison so they can set up businesses right away or on their release so they can start businesses in their communities. The inmates are mentored to establish businesses that match their interest.

We also facilitate training and equipping the prison inmates with life skills such as leadership, debate and self-esteem, conflict resolution and communication skills. The inmates are then able to start a whole new life marked by acceptance and inclusion in society after their release from prison.

We have implemented several projects that have contributed to enhanced economic opportunities through skills and business development, value addition, market linkages and creation of partnerships. These include;

  1. Youth Entrepreneurship Enhancement Project
  2. Advancing Youth Entrepreneurship
  3. Social Economic Empowerment of female Inmates in West Nile
  4. Economic Empowerment and Social Reintegration of Youth Ex-inmates in northern Uganda
  5. Day Care Center service for children of prisoners
  6. Performing Arts in Prison
  7. We are currently supporting Center for Legal Assistance (CELA) in Malawi in developing the entrepreneurship program in prisons under Giving Prison Inmates in Malawi and Uganda a second chance project funded by FK Norway.


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