Meeting Inmates in Malawi

This month, I was involved in few activities. I visited Kachere Reformatory Prison where I met the Officer in charge SSP Kamenya Jacob and we discussed several things including: the FK exchange program’s aims such as designing entrepreneurship programs bearing in mind the context and needs of the prison inmates. I shared with him the list of activities we intend to carry out in prisons to enable him have a clear understanding of what exactly we are interested in building. He was impressed with our program and promised to give us all the necessary support we needed, he gave me an opportunity to address inmates on various issues which i did with passion.

Kachere Reformatory Prison keeps male inmates between 15 to 21 years of age. I also carried out lay visit at Area 3 Model police station, the purpose of the visit was to find out whether the 48 hours rule is respected, whether suspects statements were recorded by police officers, help connect suspects to their relatives and generally inspect the condition of the cell rooms and brief the OC Station on my findings and give practical recommendations on how to improve on the condition of the cells.

Back at home in Uganda, I worked as an Officer in charge of Lira Main Prison and this gave me an opportunity to see Advance Afrika’s interventions in the lives of youth prison inmates cause impact, not only have they empowered these prison inmates with business and life skills, but also supported projects within and outside prison. This is contributing greatly to the reduction in recidivism in our country.

Written by ASP Ninsiima Moureen