As an organisation, we have built a culture of learning and unlearning. Under this theme, we ensure that Advance Afrika constantly learns new ways of doing business as well as remaining relevant to the constituency we serve. In order to remain relevant, we consistently strengthen the capacity of staff and stakeholders to be able to deliver to thematic areas.

Organisational Capacity Assessment; We undertook an organisation capacity assessment which revealed an increase in crime prevention activities and contributed to the current organizational structural adjustments. We hold staff development training to prepare our staff for structural changes and equip them with skills on leadership, participatory community empowerment.

NGO Quality Assurance Certificate; We applied to be assessed by Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism (QuAM) and received an advanced level certificate at the end of the process for embracing global standards for civil society organizations accountability. We subjected ourselves to this self-scrutiny because we saw this as a tool to internally regulate, know our strength and improve our weak areas. This has contributed to our credibility and emphasized the need for the organisation to maintain quality standards and ensure updated policies and systems in operations are streamlined.

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